Timber Pile Repair

The timber piles in this residential building located along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) north of Malibu, California were repaired in August 2011. PileMedic™ PLG60.60 laminates were used on this project and the two piles were repaired in one day. The steps involved in this repair are shown below.

Step by Step Repair of Timber/Wood Piles in Residential Building in Malibu, CA
Malibu Timber Pile
Malibu Home Supported on Timber Pile
Deteriorated Timber Pile
Typical ocean front homes in the area .
The house where the repairs were carried out.
Deteriorated pile with significant loss of section.
Dig & Expose Pile
Cut PileMedic Laminate to Size
Place Spacers around Wooden Pile
Dig the soil to expose the portion of pile to be repaired .
Cut the PileMedic™ laminate to desired length .
Attach spacers on the pile (if needed).
Mix Epoxy
Apply Epoxy to PileMedic Laminate
Place Laminate around Wooden Pile
Mix QuakeBond™ J201TC Tack Coat epoxy.
Apply epoxy to PileMedic™ laminate (30mil thick) .
Carry PileMedic™ laminate to the pile and ......
Wrap Laminate around Timber Pile
Temporary Ratchet Strap Support
Adjust Jacket to Final Position
Wrap it tightly around the pile.
Ratchet straps are used to temporarily hold the laminate .
Jacket can be moved up or down to its final position.
Inject Resin in Annular Space
Finished PileMedic Jacket
Re-Connect Braces=
Mix QuakeBond™ 320LV Low Viscosity Resin and pump it into annular space.
Remove ratchet strap and if desired paint the jacket.
Re-attach bracing members.
In 2016, 5 years after the repair of these piles, a site visit was made to assess the condition of the repairs. As it can be observed in the photographs below, the PileMedic jackets remained structurally sound with no signs of debonding at the seams: .
Rubber Jacket on Timber Pile
Timber Pile Cast in Concrete
Cracked Concrete Jacket
Repaired Piles After 5 Years
The following photographs and descriptions refer to some of the commonly used methods to repair timber and wooden piles. It should be no surprise to anyone with common sense why these repairs are nothing but a temporary fix at best! .
Rubber Jacket on Timber Pile
Timber Pile Cast in Concrete
Cracked Concrete Jacket
Rubber shells have metallic components that corrode and the vertical seam allows moisture and oxygen to penetrate and continue the deterioration of the pile; note that jacket offers no confining pressure.
Concrete does not penetrate into the cracks of timber pile and ........
It deteriorates with time allowing moisture and oxygen to reach the pile.
Ineffective Repair of Timber Pile
This one deserves no explanation!.