PileMedic® is a patented technology that is only offered through QuakeWrap, Inc. In the late 1980s,  Professor Mo Ehsani  pioneered the field of repair and retrofit of structures with Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products. He founded QWI in 1994 focusing on providing engineering design and FRP materials to clients who were seeking such services in the early years of this industry. Numerous awards of excellence from the industry have recognized both QWI and FRPC. In December 2009, Dr. Ehsani left the University of Arizona as a Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering to fully devote his attention to the growth of QuakeWrap Inc.

repair pile by wrapping with PileMedic® Deteriorated piles are strengthened with PileMedic®

PileMedic® is a technology developed following 25 years of research and development. These laminates are constructed with specially designed equipment. Sheets of carbon or glass fabric up to 5-feet wide are saturated with resin and passed through a press that applies uniform heat and pressure to produce the laminate. The laminates offer several advantages compared to other products:

1) Using a combination of unidirectional and/or biaxial fabrics, PileMedic® laminates provide strength in both longitudinal and transverse directions.

2) PileMedic® is very thin; with a thickness as small as 0.01 inch, it is flexible enough to be wrapped around corners of square columns

3) PileMedic® laminates are manufactured in plants under high quality control standards; this improves the quality of the finished construction.

4) The repairs can be completed much faster in the field.

5) The strength of the laminates can be tested prior to installation.

6) The number and pattern of the layers of fabrics in PileMedic® laminates can be changed to produce an endless array of customized products providing different strength values along the height of the pile or in the hoop direction.

7) Additional coatings to the surface of the laminate can be added for abrasion and UV protection.

We invite you to watch videos of some of our projects to appreciate the ease of installation. Read our  User Manual 

SuperLaminateSuccessful large scale testing by U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, TXDOT, CalTrans, NDOR and more