Communication Towers

Strengthening of Cell Phone Communication Towers with PileMedic®.

With increased use of mobile communications worldwide, cell phone towers are expected to support more antennas and heavier loads that exceed their original design capacity. This requires strengthening of the towers. In many cases these towers are located in congested urban areas where the use of guy wires is not an acceptable support option. A compact strengthening system that can be performed in tight spaces is desirable. The technique we have developed allows us to model and analyze each tower based on various loads including wind, seismic, etc. Our engineers determine the degree of strengthening required at various locations along the height of the tower.

The advantages of our process are:

1. Higher affordability than alternate methods

2. Continued operation of tower during retrofit

3. Results exceeding load requirements

4. Speedy and responsible implementation

In the sample graph above, the red line depicts the load or demand on the tower. The blue line shows the strength of the tower after it has been retrofitted with our PileMedic® system.

For a step by step of the process in a recent case study click here >>

The cell phone tower depicted was strengthened by more than 180% than required at 15 feet (5m) and more than 275% than required at the base (where the likelihood of failing is the highest). It is located in Southern California in a highly seismic area.

View our case study of how FRP Construction successfully retrofitted this tower with our process.